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Hello and welcome to the Money Is Everywhere (MIE for short) blog. Our goal at MIE is to help people to educate themselves and better understand topics surrounding money and personal finance.

We believe that with a financially more educated consumer base, future economic catastrophes like the mortgage crisis of 2008. Many people point the blame at loose government regulations as well as the greed of large financial institutions for what happened. They certainly played a role. One could also make the argument that if people had a better understanding of their own personal finances and how credit works, far fewer people would have been signing up for those mortgages that they clearly could not afford, whether they were approved or not.

We as consumers need to take some of the blame. We need to take the responsibility on ourselves to get a better grasp on our own personal finances.

We hope to assist in that pursuit with discussions around credit, insurance, daily money management, and more.

Thank you again for visiting, and we sincerely hope you find value in the website.

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